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Fusion PhD Student Blogs

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Emelie NilssonAndrea ImpagnatielloMerlijn JakobsValentin    Aslanyan

Jonathan     ShimwellFrancisco Calderon

The scientist pathway

Ok, well, I discovered now that the PhD blogs are directly reported at the home of FuseNet website  O.O (together with that my photo in a very philosophic position). How they say in the country where I live now: KEEP CALM, and about the Amazon voucher I was joking!

So, today, a brief story about how I decided to be a scientist  :)  (maybe nobody cares but I'm supposed to write something...)

Coming in to the home stretch!

Derniére ligne droite, that's French for: "coming in to the home stretch". In this blog I will try to give you an idea about the research I am carrying during my 3rd year of PhD and how I'm coming in to the home stretch..

Moi, un Experimentalist

From burning plasmas to liquid wall divertors

Achieving fusion energy is like building a cathedral; a large-scale effort spanning several generations. So in this little corner of the world wide web I will try to explain to you why fusion is worth the wait, what I’m working on to achieve fusion power faster and above all, what makes it such a fascinating challenge.

Rock, Paper, Conference

Hello again. It's been an interesting couple of months of my PhD since my last entry. Read about my Halloween outfit, first paper, and experience in teaching undergraduates.

Physics is phun!

I'm Emelie, a Swedish girl doing a French Ph.D. in Cadarache near Aix-en-Provence at an institute called CEA, located right next to ITER. Learn about how doing a PhD can be Phun.


My name is Andrea, half Italian and half Greek. PhD student in the UK, 25 and male and if Fusenet doesn’t close this blog too early, I will try to tell some nice stories :) Read along and find out what the lone Balto has to do with my PhD in material science.

New blog, new Life!

What are the chances to come to Europe (actually UK) to do a PhD in plasma physics and suddenly get enrolled in a blog?

Catching neutrons

Today I'm hunting for neutrons. The peasky little particles keep finding new ways of escaping from an otherwise great fusion reactor model (thanks for the model CCFE).

An introduction... and some history

This is my first blog on the FuseNet site, so you might be wondering how Young's Double Slit experiment helped me to get into fusion and what lasers have to do with my PhD topic...

Student Blogs - Coming Soon

Mark Scheffer, October 2013.