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FuseNet Master Certificates and PhD thesis prizes

Due to a delay in the realization of a new contract with EUROfusion, all new Certificate/Prize applications are currently suspended. You can still make new applications but we expect not to be able to evaluate them until October, depending on when the new contract is realised.

In a festive ceremony at JET on February 03, 2015, FuseNet handed out the second batch of European Fusion Master and Doctorate certificates to nominated European students that obtain a Master or PhD diploma in Fusion Science and Technology. After evaluation in June 2016, we have decided to maintain and further promote the Master certificates, but stop the award of PhD certificates. Instead, we will launch in 2017 the first PhD thesis prizes - and we welcome all PhD students to apply for the prize when more information becomes available on this website.

The Master certificate will act as a stamp for high quality education that adheres to jointly established criteria that make sure the education is inter-disciplinary, goal oriented, has profound scientific rigor, and excellence in specific areas.

Below you can download the Requirements that form the basis for the award of European Master certificates to individual students who have followed a fusion curriculum with sufficient breadth and depth:

Students can apply for a certificate continuously; The awards of the certificates will be done once or twice per year. Awarded certificates will be sent to the recipients through registered mail and in case of larger amounts, we consider to organize an official, festive ceremony.