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FuseNet support still on-hold; New contract in sight

FuseNet and EUROfusion are in close collaboration to resume our work in support of European Fusion Education as soon as possible.
Agreement has been reached and we are establishing the necessary contracts. We will soon communicate the date we expect to resume all our activities and student funding support actions.

We'll be back.

A new contract with EUROfusion is being prepared and was necessary due to a new juridical contract format required by the European Commission. Unfortunately it takes some time to establish such a new contract form and FuseNet regrets that all individual student support actions and other activities have be put on hold until then. We expect however that in 2017 the new contract can now be realised and that it will form the basis for continued student support in the coming years.

Only after the official signing, all FuseNet operations - including student support actions and the organisation of the 2017 PhD event at ITER - will be resumed!

EUROfusion and FuseNet work together for European fusion education

Two years ago, FuseNet started a collaboration with EUROfusion to prepare the coming generation of scientists and engineers to achieve the two main aims of the European fusion roadmap: preparing for ITER experiments in order to ensure that Europe makes best possible use of ITER and to develop concepts for a fusion power demonstration plant DEMO.

In cooperation with EUROfusion, FuseNet has since then developed and successfully implemented a workplan to align the European fusion education system to the needs the roadmap will bring about. Hundreds of students were directly supported in their education, as we supported them by enabling access to educational events throughout Europe and to world-wide internships.

Several other schemes were also launched that stimulate, support and coordinate fusion education in Europe, aiming to attract students to fusion and to provide them with the highest quality education in the field. Examples include the development of specialized workshops, support of a new textbook on fusion technology, the annual PhD event, award of Master and PhD certificates and teacher mobility - in particular aimed to support developing countries.

Delay in follow-up contract due to juridical form requirements

Towards the end of the contract in 2016, a statement was issued that the legal form of the contract needs to change in order to reflect current wishes of the European Commission. This process has proved to take more time than expected. We are aware and understand that many students count and depend on the continuation of the support that FuseNet provided in the previous years, but with the support of the EUROfusion Generaly Assembly members, we are now confident that a new contract can be established in the first half of 2017 that will allow us to resume our activities.

We hope that this will form a continuous basis for uninterupted support for European Fusion education in the years to come. Please keep an eye on the FuseNet website as usual, for the latest news and developments.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a PhD student from Lorraine University working with fusion diagnostics (reflectometry). I would like to attend the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF FUSION REACTORS TECHNOLOGY, in Erice on the 28th of April but currently there are not enough funds from my laboraty. I would like to know if it is possible to start or to know the outcome of a request for funds in order to attend this course before I go there. If I can know if the fund would be approved in my return, I can pay for the cost myself if I will be reimbursed. Otherwise I won't be able to atend this event.

I hope I can get some position on this matter.

Best Regards,


R.B. Morales

Dear Rennan, at this moment the contract from which FuseNet can fund its student support activities, is still under negotiation. Until then we can unfortunately not commit any support. FuseNet Executive Office.