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Secondary School

Secondary School

Bachelor / Master




David Woodward - MSc project at IPP Garching

Supported by FuseNet, David Woodward spent 2 months at IPP in Garching doing his MSc project on the O-X mode conversion efficiency of microwaves in fusion plasmas.

Mike Machielsen - Internship at Aalto University in Finland

Mike Machielsen investigated for his internship the effect of Reynold Stress on confinement at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, with funding support by FuseNet.

Kevin Blondino - Internship at ITER

Kevin Blondino has done an internship at ITER, for which he received FuseNet support. During his internship, Kevin has investigated plasma stability based on computational codes.

James Claxton - Internship at the Instituto di Fisica del Plasma in Milano

FuseNet has supported James Claxton in visiting the Instituto di Fisica del Plasma in Milan to study the effects of heating on the desorption of Helium from Tungsten.

Artur Perek & Jasper Beckers - Internship at NIFS in Japan

With support of FuseNet, Jasper Beckers and Artur Perek were able to work with the Large Helical Device in Japan as part of their internship.

Online edX course on Plasma Physics now self-paced and split in two parts.

The 3rd edition of the popular online course on Plasma Physics starts on October 13.

16th Fusion Reactor Technology Summer School

The International School of Fusion Reactor Technology (ISFRT16) will take place from April 28 - May 4, 2017 in Italy. The main topic is the development of diagnostics for ITER and DEMO.

Oliver Linder - Master Internship at IRFM in Caderache

Funded by FuseNet, Oliver Linder has done an internship at the 'Institut de Recherche sur la Fusion par confinement Magnétique' in France. The goal of Oliver's internship was to investigate the differences in results obtained by the fast gyrokinetic code QuaLiKiz and more complete modeling.

Felipe Nathan Lopes - 21st Joint EU-US Transport Task Force Meeting

FuseNet has supported Felipe Nathan Lopes to attend the EU-US Transport Task Force Meeting in Leysin, Switzerland, which aimed to help advance the understanding and control of transport processes in present machines.

Sundaresan Sridhar – Beam Emission Spectroscopy Summer School

With the financial support of FuseNet, Sundaresan Sridhar attended the Beam Emission Spectroscopy summer school in Budapest, Hungary.