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Secondary School

Secondary School

Bachelor / Master




Stef Schenkelaars - Master Internship at KSTAR

Stef Schenkelaars performed his master internship at KSTAR in South-Korea where he optimised the analysis algorithm of the Motional Stark Effect diagnostic system. His internship was supported by FuseNet.

SCK•CEN workshop on Radiation effects and plasma wall interaction

SCK•CEN hosts a two-day workshop on Radiation effects and plasma wall interaction in advanced materials for fusion applications from June 30 to July 1, 2016.

Workshop Parallel Computing for Fusion @IST

Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon hosts a mini-workshop on parallel computing for fusion from June 20 - 23, 2016. A limited number of places is available (12) on first-come first-serve basis.

Enrique Casado Romero - Winter Event in Cadarache

Enrique Casado Romero attended the Erasmus Mundus Winter Event in Cadarache and had an unforgettable experience visiting ITER. His participation to this educational event was funded by FuseNet.

Aleksandr Iashin - Plasma Diagnostics course in Lausanne

Aleksandr Iashin attended a course on Plasma Diagnostics at the Swiss Plasma Center in Lausanne. His attendence to this educational activity was funded by FuseNet.

On-line talk on Stellarators and the W7-X experiment

You can now online follow a talk of prof. Per Helender on Stellatators and the importance of the Wendelstein 7-X experiment.

Karol Jesko - EPFL Course on Plasma Diagnostics

Karol Jesko was funded by FuseNet so he could attend the EPFL course: Diagnostics for basic plasma physics devices and tokamaks: from principles to practice.

Kick-Off of the ANNETTE project for FuseNet

FuseNet participates in the ANNETTE project on nuclear education and training, that had its kick-off meeting last week in Pisa, Italy.

Marek Ruščák - Internship at Research Centre Řež

Marek Ruščák performed his internship at Research Centre Řež. He learned a lot about fusion and more specifically his work on the EUROfusion project thought him a great deal about the DEMO project. The internship was supported by FuseNet.