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Angela Merkel starts first Hydrogen plasma of Wendelstein 7-X

The Wendelstein 7-X stellarator at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Greifswald produced its first hydrogen plasma on February 3, 2016. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel pushed the button. 

Summer School on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

The second edition of the summer school at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University will be hosted from 4 - 15 July 2016. 

Monaco/ITER Postdoctoral Fellowship positions opened

Four doctoral positions have opened as part ot the Monaco/ITER Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. If you would like the opportunity to work closely together with leading experts in fusion at the ITER Organization, be sure to check out this article.

Karsten Arts - Internship at ITER

With support of FuseNet, Karsten Arts went for his internship to the ITER Organization where he worked on microwave detectors in the In-Vessel Diagnostics section.

Ivana Abramovic - Internship at Berkeley

Ivana Abramovic performed her Master Internship at the University of California Berkeley. She is really passionate about her work and is happy the funding by FuseNet allowed her to do this exciting project.

Sophia Henneberg - Stellarator-Heliotron Workshop

Sophia Henneberg was funded by FuseNet to attend the International Stellarator-Heliotron Workshop at Greifswald. She learned a lot about stellarators and was able to extend her network.

Hugo Arnichand - Research Visit to FZ Jülich

Hugo Arnichand is finishing his PhD thesis and went to FZ Jülich for a final meeting with his German co-supervisor. They discussed the last results and his PhD manuscript. Hugo's trip was funded by FuseNet

Albert Garcia - Master Thesis at KIT

For Albert Garcia, last year was a great experience. He was challenged by working in important institutes and collaborating with people from other countries. His trip was partially funded by FuseNet.

Francesco Sciortino - Research at Princeton

Francesco Sciortino had a fantastic time living in Princeton during his research placement. He recommends all young scientists to gain some hands-on experience during their studies. His stay was partially funded by FuseNet.

Two new fusion courses at EPFL

EPFL offers two new courses in Fusion for Master and PhD students and welcomes students from other universities and institutes. Students from FuseNet members can apply for funding here.