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NSTX upgraded to the world's most powerful Spherical tokamak

Last month, the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX-U) was reopenend at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), after a $94 million upgrade.

Despite positive advice, US stay in ITER not settled yet

The U.S. Department of Energy delivered a critical report to Congress recommending that the U.S. should continue its participation in ITER for at least two more years. However, the continuation requires the investment of more money...

Mark Verbeek - Master graduation project at ITER

Mark Verbeek has recently done a part of his master graduation project at ITER on the topic of Non-Linear MHD Simulations of Edge-Localised Modes (ELMs). For his work at ITER, Mark received FuseNet funding.

2nd Summer School on the Physics of Plasma-Surface Interactions

The NRNU MEPhI hosts its Summer School on the Physics of Plasma-Surface Interactions in Moscow, Russia, from July 11 - 15, 2016. The registration deadline of the school is May 23, 2016. Students willing to attend can apply for FuseNet funding.

Davide Silvagni - Winter Event 2016

Davide Silvagni visited the Eramus Mundis Winter Event on the 25th and 26th of February, 2016. He made many new friends and got a chance to visit the ITER construction site. His participation was funded by FuseNet.

Stef Schenkelaars - Master Internship at KSTAR

Stef Schenkelaars performed his master internship at KSTAR in South-Korea where he optimised the analysis algorithm of the Motional Stark Effect diagnostic system. His internship was supported by FuseNet.

SCK•CEN workshop on Radiation effects and plasma wall interaction

SCK•CEN hosts a two-day workshop on Radiation effects and plasma wall interaction in advanced materials for fusion applications from June 30 to July 1, 2016.

Workshop Parallel Computing for Fusion @IST

Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon hosts a mini-workshop on parallel computing for fusion from June 20 - 23, 2016. A limited number of places is available (12) on first-come first-serve basis.

Enrique Casado Romero - Winter Event in Cadarache

Enrique Casado Romero attended the Erasmus Mundus Winter Event in Cadarache and had an unforgettable experience visiting ITER. His participation to this educational event was funded by FuseNet.