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Dublin City University


Research at DCU stems from the academic excellence of its four faculties coupled with a passion for translating knowledge into innovations for economic or societal benefit. Beyond specific disciplinary research, DCU’s activities are focused on some of society’s most pressing needs: health technologies, and the healthy and ageing society; information technology and the digital society; sustainable economies and societies; and democratic and secure societies.

These are reinforced by three cross-cutting platforms: the science and technology enhancement platform, the business innovation platform, and the social impact platform.


The National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology is a strong multidisciplinary research centre with research staff from the Faculty of Science & Health and the Faculty of Engineering & Computing at DCU.  At the time or writing the Centre consists of approximately 80 members with well funded programmes in basic scientific research, technological applications and industrial collaborations.  The mission for the Centre is threefold, to be:

  • A world class centre for plasma related research
  • A national centre for education, training, and industrial support
  • A national centre that translates research outputs into social and economic benefit

The NCPST  is part of ITER, a large scale international scientific experiment that is exploring the ability to produce commercial energy from Fusion.

Contact Information:
Sue O'Neill
NCPST Research & Engineering Building Dublin City University Glasnevin Dublin 9