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Photo of the Month - September 2015

NIF Target Bay

This picture is taken at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory by Damien Jemison and shows the NIF Target Bay. In the center of the giant sphere, 192 laser beams converge to make a tiny hydrogen fuel pellet implode. The implosion causes a shockwave which results in extremely high pressures and high temperatures at the center of the pellet. If the timing is exactly right, conditions for nuclear fusion can be achieved. Fun fact: the NIF Target Bay also served as the set for the engine room of the Starship Enterprise in the 2013 film "Star Trek: Into Darkness".

If you want to know more about the National Ignition Facility, please check this video by CNN:

Location Photo: 
NIF Target Bay at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
1 September, 2015
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Damien Jemison

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