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European Students Divertor Research Workshop (EuSDiv)

This September, the University of Oxford will be hosting the first European Students Divertor Research Workshop (EuSDiv). A key aim of this workshop is to build collaboration between the next generation of fusion divertor researchers. As such the topics will range from plasma physics through to engineering, and the majority of the speakers will be current PhD students (with an invited keynote in each topic).

The three-day workshop will start on the 26th of September and it will last until the 28th of September. EuSDiv will take place at the University of Oxford and participation will cost approximately £100 (non-residential) or £200 (residential).


During the event, the following five sessions are proposed:

  • Divertor Physics
  • Advanced Divertor Designs
  • Divertor Materials in a Fusion Environment
  • Manufacturing Divertor Materials and Components
  • Divertor Engineering

We aim to host around 20 speakers, including keynotes from prestigious academics. In addition there will be poster sessions.


Registrations have been opened and can be accessed via the event's website. For more details, please, contact Robert Abernethy:

26 September, 2016 to 28 September, 2016
University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Organizing Institution: 
University of Oxford, United Kingdom