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Under construction – ITER in LEGO

As an expert Lego sculptor, Sachiko Akinaga has enviably turned child's play into a profession. He has made an impressive LEGO model of the ITER fusion reactor, where you can see the installation of one of the poloidal field coils by a crane.

One of the visitors of the website linked below that shows more images, says:

"If they had only used LEGOs to model the planned process in advance they could have avoided all these problems!"

This blog from Bora Zivkovic shows some images of the LEGO model of ITER.

A photo of the LEGO model was used as image accompanying the article in New Scientist on "The Problems with ITER and the Fading Dream of Fusion Energy", by Geoff Brumfiel.

You might want to explore more nice LEGO works by searching on google for the Japanese Lego artist, Sachiko Akinaga.