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FuseNet Newsletter - March 2013

Contents of this newsletter:

FuseNet PhD event 2013 takes place at York University

The third edition of the FuseNet PhD event on fusion sciene and technology will take place at the University of York this year, in the United Kingdom. Organised under the umbrella of the FuseNet project, the PhD Event brings together European PhD students working in the field of fusion science and engineering. The event enables students to disseminate their research, develop a network of contacts and learn from each other's experiences.

Registration is now open for all European students. The event will be held at the University of York from 24th-26th June 2013.

To subscribe or read more about the FuseNet PhD event, click here...

FuseNet Association welcomes CRPP as new member!

The Board of Governors of FuseNet welcomes the Centre de Recherches en Physique des Plasmas (CRPP) of Lausanne as latest member to the Association.

The Plasma Physics Research Center, unit of the Faculty of Basic Sciences, is part of EPFL (the École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) in Switzerland. The CRPP has been active in plasma physics research since 1961, is associated with EURATOM since 1979, handling the entire Swiss contribution to the European nuclear fusion programme. The CRPP is engaged in research on various topics in fusion science and technology and plasma physics theory.

The CRPP was already present in the FuseNet project when it started as seventh Framework Programme. Read more about the CRPP on the FuseNet site:

Academic Council of FuseNet starts work on European certificates

The Academic Council of FuseNet (ACF), the body that advises the FuseNet Executive Board on matters of scientific and education quality, had its first constitutive meeting on January 28th, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

With the ACF in place, the FuseNet Association is now ready to start one of its central activities: the award of European Master and Doctorate certificates to students who have followed a fusion curriculum with sufficient breadth and depth according to the criteria that were jointly established in the FuseNet Project.

New Fusion Technology Textbook in Preparation

A new top quality master-level textbook on fusion technology is being written in a collaboration of several FuseNet partners, coordinated by prof. Guido van Oost with support of FuseNet. The provisional tabel of contents and the authors are announced on the FuseNet site:

Eindhoven University launched Fusion Master program

Eindhoven University of Technology offers since September 2012 a dedicated 2 years Master of Science programme ‘Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion’. Students can apply for this interdisciplinary MSc programme until May 1st.

Read more on the new Fusion Master programme of the TU/e here...

Second edition of Gomtraic announced

The second edition of GOMTRAIC (GOleM TRaining Course) was announced and is now open to subscription by students.

GOMTRAIC is a remote plasma physics course organised by the Czech Technical University in Prague, oriented on experimental tokamak physics and control. After a joint introduction week on-site, students can operate the Golem tokamak remotely to carry out experiments from their home.

Read more on the GOMTRAIC 2013 course...

FuseNet Photo of the Month - March 2013

This award-winning photo from Volker Steger shows a beautiful panorama of ASDEX Upgrade, the diverter tokamak of the Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik in Garching, Germany.

For more photos of the month, please check the left bar of the FuseNet website.

ASDEX Upgrade Panorama - 360 degrees in one view, connecting top and bottom
(click on the photo for a higher resolution version)