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FuseNet Newsletter - December 2013

Contents of this newsletter:

The end of the project, the start of the H2020 period

After 5 years, the FuseNet FP7 project has come to an end this year, and we want to thank all FuseNet members who contributed to the success of the project. The activities will be carried over to the FuseNet association, which - with over 40 members - is living proof of the importance the fusion community attaches to education and training.

We look forward to continue working together with all members on a new programme of activities in 2014 - the start of the Horizon2020 period!

PhD students in fusion share their experiences

Do you know why fusion is like building a cathedral? Have you heard about the bipolar nature of material scientists? Or why plasma physcists are Phun? This and more you can learn from the PhD students that opened their BLOG on the FuseNet site!

This month FuseNet has succesfully launched the PhD BloG project to provide a platform on which students can share their experiences with peers around Europe, and inspire other students. 

Recent and upcoming events

FuseNet has reported on several events that recently took place, such as the Culham Open day.
But you do also know that we have a list of events for the new year, among which:

For a more complete list of events, please visit

FuseNet publishes selection of fusion books

FuseNet opened a new page with a selection of English textbooks on fusion science and technology. This list includes books focusing on pure physics and plasma diagnostics, as well as the history and societal relevance of fusion research.

FuseNet Association welcomes new members

The FuseNet Association would like to welcome its latest members:

More members have already applied to become part of our network and are in the process of becoming a member; they will be listed in the next newsletter. All members convene for the General Assembly meeting in Barcelona on February 4, 2014.

Watch the best fusion videos online

FuseNet has created a collection of the best videos on fusion science and technology. A selection of the most Interesting, fun and educational videos are categorized in an overview on this page. Do you know more videos that we should include? Please let us know at!

Fusion education central in panel discussion MIIFED 2013 

FuseNet put fusion education on the agenda at this month's Monaco ITER International Fusion Days (MIIFED 2013). Over 400 participants received a brochure with information about the FuseNet Association in their conference bag. In addition, FuseNet - in the person of chairman Niek Lopes Cardozo - moderated a panel discussion on fusion education. You can read more about the interesting discussion that took place in our report.

FuseNet Photo of the Months - November / December 2013

The LULI2000 project about which you can read more in our editor's choice article on the record p-B fusion rate features in a series of photos for the FuseNet's photo of the month November edition.

The December photo of the month shows a beautiful blue Christmas tree and two more stunning new photos of the spherical tokamak MAST during operation.


(click on the photos above for a higher resolution version)