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Master Internship Support

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FuseNet individual student master support

finalization claim form

When your application has been approved by FuseNet, this claim form can be used by M. Sc. students after their internship has been completed, to get the following final support payment:

  • Master student internship funding: payment of remaining subsistence contribution associated with the FuseNet M.Sc internship scholarship. 

In order to claim this final contribution, this form must be submitted no later than 3 months after the internship end date!

For successfully finalizing this webform please prepare: 

  • Your internship report. format: digital pdf
  • Attestation letter from local supervisor, signed by the local supervisor of your internship abroad, to confirm your attendance.
  • Short report for FuseNet site: Please make a short article (A4-size) that summarizes the internship work and visit, for publication on the FuseNet website. This article typically contains a mixture of what you did and learned for your study and personal experiences - format: doc, docx, odf, txt
  • A photo to accompany the article: Please submit at least one photo from your internship that can accompany the article - format: jpg, jpeg, png

Start the registration below to claim the remaining contribution of your FuseNet M.Sc individual internship scholarship.

Note: An initial payment, consisting of the travel costs and 50% of the total subsistence is made upon presentation  of  the invoice or tickets  for the travel and some proof of having arrived at the host institute (for instance letter / e-mail by local host, renting contract or picture in front of the institute). This procedure must be completed using the "travel and stay claim form"  before the final payment can be claimed with this form.

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