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About the FuseNet Association

About the Fusenet Association

The FuseNet Association is an independent legal entity that was founded in December 2010 to provide a platform for the coordination of European fusion education activities, as a sustainable continuation of the EU FP7 FuseNet programme.

The aim of this seventh framework programme was the establishment of a European Fusion Education Network (FuseNet) for education in fusion science and technology, in order to increase, enhance, and broaden fusion training and education activities in Europe.

And this is also the mission of the FuseNet Association now: we stimulate, support and coordinate fusion education in Europe, with the aim to the aim to attract good students to fusion and to provide them with a challenging education in the field, to share and jointly develop educational tools, stimulate student mobility and act as matchmaker between industry and research labs/academia for student internships and vacancies.

FuseNet targets students from high school to the PhD-level, with a strong emphasis on the university Master level. Some of its activities are carried out by separate work councils, such as the Academic Council and the Industry Council.

Members of FuseNet are universities that provide fusion education as well as research institutes and industry that is involved in ITER or otherwise in fusion technology. Membership is not restricted to European organisations.

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