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The Academic Council of FuseNet

As laid down in the statutes, the FuseNet Association is governed by the Board of Governors which reports to the General Assembly, while the daily management is in the hands of the Executive Office. But for all academic matters the Board of Governors has established a permanent advisory body: the Academic Council of FuseNet (ACF).

The ACF advises on all academic matters, including: the joint criteria for the European Fusion Master and Doctorate and the accreditation of educational institutions or individual theses according to the joint criteria. The ACF has been launched with the following composition:

  • Prof. Ambrogio Fasoli (chairman)
  • Prof. Milan Tichy
  • Prof. Hartmut Zohm
  • Prof. Howard Wilson
  • Prof. Horacio Fernandes
  • Prof. Piergiorgio Sonato

We hereby established a committee that is well balanced in fields of expertise as well as spread out over Europe and representative of the FuseNet members. The Academic Council also forms a forum for discussion on fusion education in a broad sense. The Academic Council periodically reports to the Board of the Association.

Details on the Common Educational Goals for Master and PhD Students, can be obtained from the Members section of the FuseNet website, after logging on. More details and information on how to request the award of a certificate, are available here.