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National Ignition Facility physicists are reporting their results formally

Although I have a 'preference' in Fusion for magnetically confined plasmas rather than the Inertially confined path, I keep a great interest in ICF (another pet for Inertially Confined Fusion).


As long as the plasma does not...

Today I will introduce you to the wild Universe of Plasma Wall Interaction, or PWI (you know that physicists like to call their pets with nicknames). As long as the plasma does not go in contact with any material everything is terrific but when it gets close to any type of matter, things get complicated.

Coming in to the home stretch!

Derniére ligne droite, that's French for: "coming in to the home stretch". In this blog I will try to give you an idea about the research I am carrying during my 3rd year of PhD and how I'm coming in to the home stretch..

Moi, un Experimentalist