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1 year has passed; a retrospect!

One year has passed, which feels like a lifetime. I worked pretty hard and was fortunate to visit some countries in the meantime. It’s quite a lot to tell in one blog, so this is PART 1.


To start off with, I finished my experiments on the damage of ‘unipolar arcing’, i.e. discharges between the plasma and the fusion exhaust system - the divertor. I was proud to present my work at the Plasma Surface Interaction conference in Kanazawa, Japan this year.

Unipolar arcs in fusion reactors - problem or not?

Hi again! Here is a new blog, now as an actual PhD student. Since my last blog a lot has happened. First of all, my PhD supervisor decided to switch jobs and is going to work for ITER. While the institute searches for a new supervisor, I am mainly publishing/presenting my old work of my Master’s thesis project. This research was about discharges (currents) that flow between the plasma and the divertor (exhaust) wall  of a tokamak.

Let the Phun begin

After spending a the major part of my Master’s abroad (USA/Korea), I decided to settle down in my home country the Netherlands for a while. I applied for a PhD position at the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER) in Utrecht to work on the synthesis of exotic nanostructures on carbon under extreme plasma conditions.