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Homemade cross section plotter for nuclear data

I have been tinkering with nuclear data and created a little website.

The aim was to make plotting nuclear data much easier than existing solutions and hopefully more accessable to a wide audience.

Cross sections from different evaluations ((JENL, TENDL, JEFF, ENDF, CENDL, EAF, JENDL) can be plotted alongside experimental results from EXFOR

I have attached an plot showing a few reactions important for tritium production and neutron multiplication in solid breeder blankets.

Finding a balance.

Hi all


Now my leaky fusion reactor is all patched up and the neutrons are behaving themselves I'm ready to go. So I've been sendings neutrons flying in all directions for the past week. I’ve also been checking up on them and seeing what they get up to. Generally the neutrons do one of three things,


Most react with lithium to make tritium. smiley

Catching neutrons

Today I'm hunting for neutrons. The peasky little particles keep finding new ways of escaping from an otherwise great fusion reactor model (thanks for the model CCFE).