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The Mad Scientist

This is a photo of my desk. Yes, I’m proud of this mess.

Because there are relevant advantages for this:

The Queen of the Sea - Report of Lisbon, 2014 Fusenet PhD event

The 2014 edition of the Fusenet PhD event was in Lisbon and so I took the chance to visit the European capital called also the Queen of the Sea.

I didn’t have high expectations, Lisbon isn’t as I know at the first choices for a trip in Europe but never less the low cost airplane, a Boeing (so big), was full. Maybe because the ticket was less expensive than a rail trip from Manchester to Birmingham, or maybe because the city has a particular mystery that attracts people from over the world, even from Australia.

The dawn of metallurgy


The scientist pathway

Ok, well, I discovered now that the PhD blogs are directly reported at the home of FuseNet website  O.O (together with that my photo in a very philosophic position). How they say in the country where I live now: KEEP CALM, and about the Amazon voucher I was joking!

So, today, a brief story about how I decided to be a scientist  :)  (maybe nobody cares but I'm supposed to write something...)


My name is Andrea, half Italian and half Greek. PhD student in the UK, 25 and male and if Fusenet doesn’t close this blog too early, I will try to tell some nice stories :) Read along and find out what the lone Balto has to do with my PhD in material science.