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Open your BLOG on FuseNet now and receive a FuseNet gift package and 25$ Amazon gift card

FuseNet launches a new Blogging project for students!

FuseNet awards all new Bloggers with the new FuseNet cup and a FuseNet USB-stick that easily fits your favourite fusion DVD!

It does not take much time to write a blog on the FuseNet site and can be very rewarding – you learn to reflect on your day-to-day work and activities, and can get interesting feedback or encouragement from readers.

So if you want to share your experiences with us and want to be one of the lucky first, send us an email at today!

Background FuseNet Blog project

By doing your PhD research in fusion you are at the forefront of the developments in fusion research. We at FuseNet are very keen to provide a platform on which you can share your experiences with your peers around Europe, and inspire other students.

Therefore we seek active bloggers, to join our new blog project on the FuseNet website. When you participate, you get a special login at that will allow you to create and edit your own blog pages. Once you decide to publish a blog article, it will become available to other fusion students and readers of the FuseNet site.

It is a great instrument to share your experience as a PhD student: about your research, your recent visit to e.g. ITER, your daily life as a fusion student. Your blog can trigger responses and inspire others. It doesn’t take much time, and also learns you to reflect on your own work, which by itself is a useful skill for PhD students.

Are you interested in sharing your passion, and willing to write a blog article at least once every 3 months, on the FuseNet website?

Simply write us at with the subject: "blog", and we tell you how.