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  • Documents from IPP Garching PhD event available

Documents from IPP Garching PhD event available

Presentations from the IPP Garching PhD event are now available for download.
Download links can be found below.

Speaker Title download
H. Zohm, IPP Garching, Germany Welcome to IPP Zohm.pdf
F. Romanelli, EFDA-CSU, Culham, UK EU Fusion Programme including perspectives for ITER and DEMO Romanelli.pdf
P. Martin, Padova University, Italy Career Opportunities for Fusion PhD students Martin.pdf
W. D'haeseleer, Leuven University, Belgium Comparison of different energy scenarios including the role of fusion D_haeseleer.pdf
K. Lackner, IPP Garching, Germany Basics of different magnetic confinement concepts LacknerPhDevent.pdf
M. Roth, Darmstadt University, Germany Status and prospects of inertial fusion Roth.pdf