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  • EC launches SOFT Prize for Innovation in Fusion

EC launches SOFT Prize for Innovation in Fusion

The European Commission launched the SOFT innovation prize for fusion research under the framework of Horizon 2020. The prize is named after the equally named conference on fusion technology and will be awarded at the Symposium On Fusion Technology in 2016 (SOFT-2016).


By awarding the three best contestants with respectively €50.000, €25.000 and €12.500 the commision wants to showcase and reward the excellence in innovation that can be found in fusion research.

Researchers from countries participating in ITER or having a cooperation agreement with the EURATOM framework programme can submit proposals concerning any physics or technology innovations related to magnetic confinement fusion research. The scope of the proposals is quite broad, and also includes innovations regarding the quality of the researchers or industries involved in fusion.

The deadline for submission (via the Participant Portal) is 7 April 2016.