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  • Eindhoven University launched Fusion Master programme

Eindhoven University launched Fusion Master programme

Eindhoven University of Technology offers since September 2012 a dedicated 2 years Master of Science programme ‘Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion’ The programme is interdisciplinary, bringing together the departments of Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Moreover, the international development of fusion is done in worldwide collaboration and during their studies students participate in international teams, often in large research centres.


The MSc programme aims at delivering engineers that are at home in an international, multidisciplinary environment, have been trained to work in goal-oriented projects and have a good sense for the socio-economical aspects of the their work.

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With these characteristics, the ‘fusion masters’ will qualify for a career in a wide range of high-tech industries, as well as of course for the field of fusion energy. Application deadline for admission to this programme is May 1, 2013.


More info and instructions to register can be found at the website: For additional questions, please contact the programme coordinator Roger Jaspers directly: