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FuseNet Experiments - Langmuir probe experiments in e-lab

Experiment: Langmuir probe experiments in e-lab

Location: Instituto Superior Técnico

Description: Hosting the ISTTOK tokamak, the Instituto Superior Técnico has a long tradition of using plasma devices for educational purposes. Using the e-lab framework, the 'Langmuir probe' experiment can now be controlled through the Internet. Students can not only practice how to handle a Langmuir probe but they can also learn how to set up remote measurements in the e-lab framework.

Target group: The experiment is intended for two groups of people: those who want to learn about Langmuir probes within a plasma physics course, and a more general public audience interested in remote measurements. In both cases
a basic knowledge of data processing and some knowledge of plasma physics are assumed.
Use and access: IST remote plasma lab The experiment is available for anyone who has access to a PC with internet connection. Tutoring can only be provided for a limited number of students and has to be booked in advance. The device is therefore mostly dedicated to students who attend international courses in partnership with Instituto Superior Técnico (see for instance the ATHENS programme and Plasmasurf ).

Documentation: Download the documentation of the experiment by clicking here (FuseNet members only).

Contact personHoracio Fernandes