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Plasma Physics and Fusion Experiments for Education

FuseNet has improved and newly developed several experiments for educational purposes. FuseNet members have full access to documentation about these hands-on experiments for students, and are free to use these for their own teaching purposes, or to replicate an experimental setup.

By providing this documentation, FuseNet wants to increase and improve the access to fusion experimental facilities for students. By exchange of this information, members can make better use of existing experiments for teaching purposes, and obtain building templates to replicate hands-on experiments for their own labs. We also give and exchange ideas for the organisation of student training courses for using the hardware.

Documentation of these experimental facilities includes:

  • Description and manual on how to use the experiment
  • Hardware setup/construction and usage manuals, with clear instructions how to rebuild the experiment yourself
  • Educational exercises and ideas for running pilot programmes
  • Recommendation of optimal use and guidelines for educational use

FuseNet members have full access to all experiments. A public brochure that highlights some of these experiments can be downloaded here, to get an impression on the available facilities and the experience of using them in education.

You must be a FuseNet member in order to get access the full documentation of these experiments! If you are not a FuseNet member yet, please consider becoming one and enjoy the advantages. Below you can a get a preview for all experiments that FuseNet supported.

Hands-on experiments for fusion training

Practica providing experience of integrated aspects and plasma operation
Practica with several hands-on experiments for a broad introdcution
Plasma sources where one or more aspects are taught
Dedicated hands-on experiments to teach one specific aspect