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FuseNet Experiments - Innsbruck Q-machine

Experiment: Innsbruck Q-machine

Location: Univeristy of Innsbruck

Description: The University of Innsbruck hosts the only operational Q-machine in Europe, along with some other small experiments. The Innsbruck Q-machine is a linear magnetised plasma machine, in which an extremely quiescent alkaline plasma is produced by contact ionization on a hot metallic plate. A typical practicum includes operation of IQM and its vacuum system, basic measurements with probes and excitation and investigation of various instabilities.

Target group:  Students with specialization in fusion or plasma physics can  either do the basic programme following the practicum or do autonomous research for their master or doctoral thesis.
Use and access: The Innsbruck Q-machine is used by local master and doctoral students and a large number of guest students from various international programmes. Access is granted to visiting students provided they have the funding to
finance their stay.

Documentation: Download the documentation of the experiment by clicking here (FuseNet members only).

Contact person: Codrina Ionita-Schrittwiser