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  • Eye witness report from Carolus Magnus Summer School 2011 in The Netherlands, part 3

Eye witness report from Carolus Magnus Summer School 2011 in The Netherlands, part 3

In September, the Carolus Magnus Summer School took place. Two of the students attending, Stéphanie Panayotis and Rachel McAdams, reported their experiences during the summer school here. This is Stéphanie's final report of the summer school.

From Stéphanie:

Friday September 9:

Friday was dedicated to plasma heating systems. But the most important event of the day was Dimittro's birthday. To celebrate his 24th birthday, we had a party in his bungalow.  That was great, we laughed a lot together.

After the party of yesterday evening, we decided to visit Eindhoven and to go there by bike. So we rented bikes and we cycled all together, english and french people. We were lucky since the weather was quite sunny and warm. It is a nice city but not as nice as Utrecht where we went on saturday, by train!

The weather was more cloudy or even rainy but we had fun. The city center is punctuated of sluices, and unexpectedly bustling for a sunday afternoon.

Monday September 12:

On monday,we had lectures on theory, like current drive or neoclassical tearing modes. Then we had some experimental lectures on probes, followed by the first poster session. To give you an other point of view of this session, i asked for Rémi to give me his impressions :
‘The poster session was great both on a scientific but also on a human point of view. It was a unique occasion to present our work but also to develop our friendship!'

Tuesday September 13:

Almost entirely dedicated to plasma wall interaction, the day was very interesting since we haven’t had so many lectures on this subject.

After the lectures, we went to the pub. Some of us played bowling, and the winner was Matthew, as you can see on the upper picture.

Wednesday September 14:

On wednesday, we went to the FOM institute in Rijnhuizen.

Divided in two parts, this day was dedicated to some lectures and to the visit of the FOM’s experimental setups. The main one was the MAGNUM-PSI device, a linear plasma machine devoted to the study of PWI science.
The FOM lab was surrounded by a beautiful parc, and we took a group picture in front of a 18th century castle. The weather was sunny!