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  • Eye witness report from Culham Plasma Physics Summer School, part 4

Eye witness report from Culham Plasma Physics Summer School, part 4

FUSENET sponsors the Culham Plasma Physics Summer School in the UK. One of the students present, James Simpson, reports:

Thursday 26th of July

It was the penultimate day, and the summer school lectures had been structured in a different to the previous years. We had the option of choosing our lectures. There were 8 lectures, 2 running in each time slot. They were essentially split into magnetic confinement and laser plasma interaction/inertial confinement. I wanted to go to them all, but I chose mostly the lectures related to magnetic confined fusion.

While the site is not updated to next year's summer school, you find details on the lecture program here.

Our final night together loomed as we all left to get ready for our final formal dinner. We returned to place where we had our welcome dinner – St Edmond Hall. We started the evening with a sherry banquet and then were served a delightful meal, everyone was dressed very stylishly, as you can see:


Above: The Sherry banquet


Above: The formal meal


Above: We moved onto the student bar within the college where we had a chance to get to know the lecturers of that day better in an informal setting

To conclude our last night together we all went to a nightclub, called Maxwells of all names. We had absolutely excellent night! It was a wonderful way to finish off our last night together.