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  • Eye witness report from the Hands-On PlasmaLab@TUe Course, part 2

Eye witness report from the Hands-On PlasmaLab@TUe Course, part 2

FUSENET sponsors the Hands-On Plasmalab@TU/e course in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The course gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of plasma experiments. One of the students present, Dario Andres Cruz Malagon, reports:

Today luckily the results were much better than yesterday so I move on and talk a bit about life in Eindhoven.


I’ll start by saying that this week I’m hosted by a friend of mine, Maurice, that I met in Aix-en-Provence (France) on a summer course on nuclear energy back in 2008. We hadn’t meet since then but when I wrote telling him that I was coming to Eindhoven, he and his housemate were eager to host me. Thanks to them I give an A+ to Dutch hospitality.

Tonight after the experiments me and two fellow colleagues from the workshop, Kostiantyn from Ukraine and Valentina from Russia, decided to take a walk on the city center. The general impression we got is that the city is quite clean and well cured.

A remarkable fact is the illumination, Eindhoven at night looks so bright! Then I saw the Phillips tower and remembered that Eindhoven is the city where Phillips is originally  from…

It’s pity that we weren’t here last month, it was the Glow festival and I’ve been told the city was a big shiny spot. Something else that is striking is the extensive use of bicycles (literally “striking” since we risked to be ran over by passing cyclists a couple of times). Cycling paths are well organized and spread over the city making the bicycle a popular means of transportation around here.

Summarizing Eindhoven at night was a very positive experience and I’m sure we’ll find more about it on the days to come.