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  • Eye witness report from SUMTRAIC 2011 in Prague, part 4

Eye witness report from SUMTRAIC 2011 in Prague, part 4

The final days of the SUMTRAIC Summer School have been very hard for most of us. We had to work long days to complete the data analysis in time.

Luckily we found some time for a goodbye party on Wednesday. We all put some money together and the result was a nice dinner and of course some beer and wine. Even though we were tired of all the hard work, we all had a nice evening.

On Thursday we should have finished our final analysis on the data. Some of us succeeded, but some of us didn’t and had to stay at COMPASS until 8 pm when the night guard closes the building.

On Friday morning most of us were present as soon as the doors of the COMPASS buildings opened because we had a lot of work to do. Making some final analysis and of course making a PowerPoint presentation to present the results to the IPP staff and SUMTRAIC participants in the afternoon.

Believe me, it was a pretty hectic morning. But in the end I can say that every group had a nice presentation and good results which sometimes even surprised the scientists of the IPP. After one last group photo and a farewell to our fellow students and supervisors we divided into smaller groups and spent our last evening in Prague the way we liked.

Group photo of all of the SUMTRAIC 2011 participants.

I can definitely say that all of us have learned a lot during this Summer School and I certainly want to thank everyone at the IPP for this wonderful experience.