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  • F4E releases 2011 Annual Report

F4E releases 2011 Annual Report

Fusion for Energy (F4E) is the European Union’s organization that provides procurements and ‘in kind’ contributions to ITER. On August 9, 2012 it has released its fourth annual report, summarizing the activities and progress of the year 2011.

F4E has an important task, as the EU has to provide almonst half of the (in kind contributions) components making up the ITER device. The reports shows how EUR 492 million was spent in commitments and 264 million in payments.

The report also highlights the main construction works carried out in 2011, on the poloidal field coil windings facility and of course all the work done in the Tokamak Pit, and lists per component the main achievements of the year.

And while in 2011 F4E has placed contract orders for site works, logistics and other work with a total value of nearly EUR 164 million, this will be small compared to the EUR 1300 million that are due to be awarded through tendering processes in 2012. For the coming years, Europe will certainly require a wide range of highly skilled fusion engineers.

Click here to read the F4E 2011 Annual Report.