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FuseNet Student Funding Schemes 2017-2018

On these pages, the current opportunities for FuseNet funding are listed. These support schemes have been developed in cooperation with the EUROfusion consortium.

For more information, please visit the pages that are relevant for your request:

Funding for Internships
of Master Students
(open now!)

Claim forms:

initial costs - departure
final costs - after return

Funding for Educational Activities
of Master Students
(open now!)

Claim form:

travel/stay costs - after return

Funding for Joint Educational Tools
new call in 2019

Claim form:

available in June, 2018

Funding for Mobility of Lecturers
(open now!)

Claim form:

travel/stay costs - after return

Funding for Organisation of

Claim form:

call for 2019 has been launched 

Sponsored Internships
(currently not open)

(institutional accreditation)

starting June 01, 2018

These projects have received funding from EUROfusion under the EU grant agreement no. 633053.