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  • FuseNet 2014 - latest action lines

FuseNet 2014 - latest action lines

 July 1, 2014 - An update from the Chair of the FuseNet Association

Dear FuseNet colleagues, students, fusion community,

I should like to update you on a few of our action lines. 

First of all, we are growing! We recently welcomed our 50th member and there are already a few others in the process. This is good news. The better our coverage of actors in fusion training and education is, the more effective we can be as umbrella organization. So, if you know of a company, or research lab, or university group that is involved in fusion but yet has to join FuseNet, please let us know and we will contact them.

2014 is in many ways a transition year in the European Fusion programme. Amongst others because the Euratom funding scheme has been changed completely. The new consortium EUROfusion was launched this spring and is getting up to speed. FuseNet is in frequent contact with the consortium, we hope to launch a first set of activities in support of fusion education after summer. This could involve individual student support, the PhD-event, the award of Fusion Doctorate and Master Certificates and possibly other actions as well.

At the same time we are looking at several possibilities to get support for our network activities from the Horizon2020 programme. This might for instance concern an activity to make regular inventories of the training and education needs of the fusion programme with respect to the construction and operation of ITER.

In all, we are working on several initiatives and there are good prospects that FuseNet will be in a position to sponsor educational activities again within a few months.

On that positive note I should like to end this update. I wish you all a good summer break!


Niek Lopes Cardozo

Chair of the FuseNet Association