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  • FuseNet Academic Council takes off with European fusion certificates

FuseNet Academic Council takes off with European fusion certificates

The Academic Council of FuseNet (ACF), the body that advises the FuseNet Executive Board on matters of scientific and education quality, had its first constitutive meeting on January 28th, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The ACF is a permanent advisary body and is composed at present of six university professors:

  • Ambrogio Fasoli (EPFL, Lausanne, chairman)
  • Horacio Fernandes (IST, Lisbon)
  • Piergiorgio Sonato (University of Padua)
  • Milan Tichi (University of Prague)
  • Howard Wilson (University of York)
  • Hartmut Zohm (IPP Garching)

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Prof. Ambrogio Fasoli, Chair of the Academic Council of FuseNet

After the first meeting, the ACF made an advise to the board of FuseNet on the criteria for the joint European Fusion Doctorate and European Fusion Master, as developed originally under the FP7 project. These criteria will form the basis for the award of European Master and Doctorate certificates to individual students who have followed a fusion curriculum with sufficient breadth and depth.

"It should be noted that the ACF does not see itself as the supreme judge of fusion education programs" explained the chairman of the ACF, "but rather as a catalyzing element for the fusion education community. The goal is to reach an optimal mix of quality, inter-disciplinarity, goal oriented approach, profound scientific rigor, overall vision of the fusion field and excellence in specific areas that may range from basic plasma physics to fusion reactor technology".

For this significant challenge, the ACF hopes to receive support and advice from all fusion education stake-holders. The ACF aims at delivering the first certificates before the end of the year; more information and public announcement can be expected in due time on the FuseNet website.