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  • FuseNet conducts industry wide survey on new match-making service

FuseNet conducts industry wide survey on new match-making service

FuseNet has launched an industry wide survey to find industry's needs and views on a proposed new match-making service between companies and universities. The survey is coordinated by Martin O'Brien of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), with input from the Fusion Industry Innovation Forum (FIIF) through Christian Schönfelder.

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Experience shows that the multidisciplinary science and engineering training in fusion research results in very "employable" students, who get jobs in a wide range of high technology fields including, of course, fusion itself. We think that FuseNet's coordinating role in European fusion education makes it the ideal vehicle to provide a "matchmaking" service between students and employers - industry, fusion laboratories and universities.

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For this reason we intend to provide a free service for our members whereby they can advertise jobs and internships via the FuseNet website. We first want to make sure people will use this service, and their views on how best it should operate, via an on-line survey (, deadline 31 May 2013).

We are making a large number of companies aware of this survey and for this reason the questions are drafted with industry in mind. However, we also welcome replies from other organisations e.g. fusion laboratories and universities (who might also, for example, use it to advertise post-doctoral positions). We look forward to reading your views.