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  • Fusenet Delegation visits the ITER site

Fusenet Delegation visits the ITER site

At the end of November the Executive Board of FUSENET met in Cadarache, to review progress on the work packages and discuss plans on the future of the education network. The FUSENET project, launched three years ago under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), will end in October 2012 and will continue as independent association after that.

So far, the project has brought together 36 European universities and Euratom associations from 18 countries, but intends to continue its successful cooperation and include more members in the association, including industry partners.

During the two days of the FUSENET Executive Board meeting, hosted by the CEA, the participants freed some time to make a short visit to Tore Supra, a French tokamak with superconducting toroidal magnets and an actively cooled first wall. The highlight however was at the conclusion of the meeting, with a visit of the ITER site.

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A bus tour over the 80-hectare platform, a close look and many questions at the ITER mock-up at the Visitor Centre, and a final stop at the edge of the 17-metre deep Tokamak Pit, where the FUSENET delegation was eyewitness to the impressive construction works.

The ITER Newsline also tooks notice of the event, click here to read the article on FUSENET's visit of the ITER site.