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  • FuseNet launches European Fusion Master and Doctorate Certificates

FuseNet launches European Fusion Master and Doctorate Certificates

The FuseNet Association and its almost 40 members, are proud to open the subscription for the first round of awards for the European Fusion Master and Doctorate Certificates.

The certificates can be awarded to students who have done a MSc or PhD in fusion and can demonstrate that they covered the subject with sufficient depth and breadth. The criteria are designed to set a high standard, and as such the 'European Fusion Master and Doctorate' can be regarded as a mark of high quality.

Students with a Certificate have had a multi-disciplanary training and not only be well prepared for a career in fusion research, but also for a career outside this field, e.g. in high-tech industry.


The first round of applications is open now to all European students – with a tight deadline: 19 July, 2013.

The first 50 students that apply successfully (MSc and PhD, in order of application) will get an excursion to JET, and receive their Certificate in a festive ceremony at JET on September 26. So, if you finished your fusion studies recently, or know someone else who qualifies: you may apply here.

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The academic criteria for the award of the certificate were developed by a broad academic committee under coordination of the European Fusion Education Network FuseNet, with support from the European Commission. They involve different blocks of topics that the students must have studied, as well as requirements on the final thesis.

The accreditation is in the hands of the Academic Council of FuseNet, chaired by Prof. Ambrogio Fasoli. The criteria can be downloaded here, it is easy to check if one complies. After the initial award ceremoeny, there will be two rounds of awards every year from now on. The application form for new certificates therefore remains open throughout the year.