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FuseNet and Fusion Education News

Contract between EC and EUROfusion is signed

Grant Agreement 633053 was signed today in Brussels between the European Commission and EUROfusion. Its goal: realising fusion electricity to the grid by 2050!

PPPL provides insight to how magnetic reconnection energizes plasma particles

Experiments at Princeton University have shown that magnetic reconnection converts about 50% of the magnetic energy into the plasma. The experiment also suggests the process by which the energy conversion occurs, a step that can help tokamak physicists.

FuseNet opens subscription to 4th PhD Event!

All PhD students in fusion related topics are invited to the 2014 edition of the FuseNet PhD event. The 4th edition will be held from 18-20 November, 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal!

Three ways to fuse particles in your free time

Do you like playing games in your summer holiday? Good news! FuseNet has reviewed three ways to fuse particles in your free time!

Fusion Games

FuseNet 2014 - latest action lines

FuseNet is growing, has welcomed its 50th member and started several action lines to launch new actions in support of fusion education after the summer.

The end of the project, the start of the Horizon2020 period: FuseNet continues

The FuseNet FP7 project ended this year, but the FuseNet association continues its mission. We look forward to continue working together with all members on a new programme of activities in 2014 - the start of the Horizon2020 period!

Fusion Education Central in Panel Discussion MIIFED 2013

"We must reach out to the students and provide a clear path of where the fusion programme is heading" was one of the messages learned from the panel discussion on fusion education at MIIFED 2013.

PhD students share their experience on FuseNet

Do you know why fusion is like building a cathedral? Have you heard about the bipolar nature of material scientists? Why a PhD in fusion is Phun? Find out this and more from the PhD students that opened their BLOG on the FuseNet site.

Students hunt for career opportunities at 2013 Culham open day

More than 60 students visited the booths and talks at the 2013 Culham open day held on December 12th at CCFE, jointly organised with the York Plasma Institute.

Open your BLOG on FuseNet now and receive a FuseNet gift package and 25$ Amazon gift card

FuseNet launched BLOGSs for PhD students and you can join! FuseNet awards all new Bloggers with the new FuseNet cup and a FuseNet USB-stick, plus - if you're quick - a 25$ Amazon gift card.

The FuseNet project is closed, long live the FuseNet Association!

30 September 2013 was the last day of the FP7 ‘coordination and support’ action Fusenet. The chairman of FuseNet reflects on the 5 years the project has run and looks ahead to the future of the FuseNet Association.

Overview of Fusion Books on FuseNet website

FuseNet opened a new page with a selection of English textbooks on fusion science and technology.

Book page - Fusion - FuseNet

Kick-off of the FuseNet Certificate programme

September 26, 2013 marks the launch of the FuseNet Certificate programme with the first group of twenty students receiving FuseNet's European Master's and Doctorate certificates in a festive ceremony at JET, at CCFE in the UK.

FuseNet now on Twitter and Facebook

FuseNet has launched a brand new Facebook page and Twitter account to keep you up to date instantly on the latest Fusion related news.

Fusion Reactor Diagnostics conference held in Varenna

The International Conference on Fusion Reactor Diagnostics held at Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy was a big succes. Over 80 scientists from all over the world gathered to discuss plasma diagnostics for ITER and DEMO.

FuseNet in Barcelona at ISFNT 2013

At the 11th ISFNT conference on fusion technology in Barcelona, the FuseNet stand - strategically located near the coffee corner - enjoyed great interest from both visitors and other exhibiting companies.

Finding the right waves at PlasmaSurf 2013

This summer the first edition of PlasmaSurf took place, a summer school on plasma physics. Students explored the link between plasma physics, waves and surfing.

Internship at CV Rez through Fusenet - Part II

Fusion Master student Bram Wolf reports on the results of his internship at research center CV Rez - making it one of the first student projects in industry established through FuseNet.

Tokamak particle simulator

Tool Name: Tokamak particle simulator

Author: German Broadcaster SWR's education channel. 

Eye Witness Report from the FuseNet PhD Event in York, 2013 - part 3

The 3rd FuseNet PhD event was organized at the University of York and provided a stage for young researchers to communicate their work and networking opportunities.
One of the Ph.D students present, Jakob Brunner, reports on the last day.