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FuseNet and Fusion Education News

Eye witness report from Carolus Magnus Summer School 2011 in The Netherlands, part 1

On Monday, the Carolus Magnus Summer School kicked off. Two of the students attending, Stéphanie Panayotis and Rachel McAdams, will report their experiences during the summer school here.

World’s largest fusion experiment back in operation

After an 18-month shutdown to upgrade the machine and four months of commissioning, the Joint European Torus (JET), the world’s largest magnetic fusion device, is ready to start new experiments. The inside of the vessel now has a completely new wall. JET is the first fusion machine to test the materials that will be used inside the next-generation international experiment, ITER.

Eye witness report from SUMTRAIC 2011 in Prague, part 4

The final days of the SUMTRAIC Summer School have been very hard for most of us. We had to work long days to complete the data analysis in time.

Luckily we found some time for a goodbye party on Wednesday. Tom van Laer reports.

Eye witness report from SUMTRAIC 2011 in Prague, part 3

The last few days the COMPASS tokamak has been running every day and everyone has been very busy with learning how to analyze the data from the experiments. Tom van Laer Reports.

Eye witness report from SUMTRAIC 2011 in Prague, part 2

The second day of the SUMTRAIC Summer School in Prague, each group learned how to work with the diagnostics they are assigned to and how to process the experimental data. Tom van Laer reports.

Eye witness report from SUMTRAIC 2011 in Prague, part 1

On Monday, the SUMTRAIC 2011 summer school opened. One of the students attending, Tom van Laer from Belgium, reports his experiences here.

Fusion-DC selected as Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate

From a total of 140 applications, the Fusion Doctoral College was selected this month as one of the 10 Erasmus Mundus programmes for Joint Doctorates in the coming years. The Fusion Doctoral College - in short Fusion-DC - is an international Doctoral College in fusion science and engineering, intended for the training of a new generation of fusion scientists and engineers.

First European PhD Event on Fusion Science and Technology

The first PhD Event for European PhD Students in Fusion Science and Technology is announced for October 13 and 14, 2011. The first on what is intended to become a yearly event, is taking place at IPP Garching in Germany.

The aim of the Event is to bring together EU PhD students in Fusion Science and Technology to discuss their work, but also to attend lectures of broader interest and to get to know each other.

Fusenet appears in The Parliament

An article on Fusenet has been published in The Parliament, an established magazine published by Dods Parliamentary Communications, that provides EU political news and information. The magazine can also be read on the similarly named Brussels-based website, The Parliament is known for its analysis of key issues and debates within the EU institutions, and is therefore well read by European policy makers.

Fusenet appears on page 46 of issue 326 of the Parliament:

Teaching Award for Fusion Group at the University of York

The Plasma Physics and Fusion Group at the University of York has been recognised with a team Vice Chancellor's Teaching Award for its two postgraduate training programmes: the Fusion Doctoral Training Network and the Fusion Energy MSc.

New Fusenet Website launched

The new Fusenet Website was launched on April 4th, 2011. After the official establishment of the Fusenet Association as a legal entity, and the first General Assembly that has taken place in the beginning of February, the new Fusenet website marks a milestone in the development of the European Fusion Education Network.