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  • FUSION-DC: Two successful defenses

FUSION-DC: Two successful defenses

The first two PhD students from the FUSION-DC Joint Doctorate programme have graduated successfully last week at the University of Gent. We congratulate Luxherta Buzi and Hugo Arnichand, who successfully defended their doctoral thesis.


FUSION-DC is a Joint Doctoral Programme in nuclear fusion science and engineering offered by a consortium of 29 European partner institutions from 9 EU countries, the ITER organization and 14 associated partners from China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. FUSION-DC provides education at the doctoral level of topics related to magnetic confinement fusion. The first doctoral students started in September 2012. Each year there are several EACEA fellowships available, the last ones will be attributed in 2016.

Two successful defenses

The first two FUSION-DC students have successfully defended their doctoral thesis - both in October 2015:

  • Luxherta Buzi, who worked on a joint research project between Ghent University and the University of Lorraine (both FuseNet members). Her PhD title was: "Influence of the Particle Flux on Surface Modifications of Tungsten".
  • Hugo Arnichand, who worked on a joint research project of Aix-Marseille University and Ghent University titled "Identification of Trapped Electron Modes (TEM) in Frequency Fluctuation Spectra of Fusion Plasmas".

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Luxherta Buzi is crowned the first women graduating under FUSION-DC

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FuseNet is proud to have been able to provide support to both Luxherta and Hugo. Hugo received funding from FuseNet to work in ForschungsZentrum-Jülich for several weeks and he was able to attend three FuseNet PhD Events. Luxherta Buzi was supported by FuseNet in her research visit to the UCSD (click to read more).


All smiles for Hugo Arnichand after successfully opposing the defense committee