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  • Gomtraic Participant Experience, part 1

Gomtraic Participant Experience, part 1

One of the participants in the Gomtraic course, Teofil Minea from Romania, will report his experiences here. This is his first report. More will follow.

Being able to create your own discharge scenarios without any restriction makes you feel like you're the most important person in the “control room” of Golem tokamak. Add to that remote controlling, collaborating with international students, specialized feedback and you get Gomtraic, a truly unique experience.

There are various tasks set up in the Gomtraic course, from breakdown studies and determination of plasma parameters to generation of runaway electrons and magnetohydrodynamic activity observations. I got involved in the last two tasks: MHD activity and generation of runaway electrons with the goal of finding a quantitative link between these processes. 

I believe Golem is like a “playground” where you can finally have the chance to apply your knowledge in real experiments. Although, I haven’t met any of the participants or Golem’s supervisors, communication through group messages was more than enough to carry on data analysis, receive feedback and get acquainted with each other.