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  • Kick-Off of the ANNETTE project for FuseNet

Kick-Off of the ANNETTE project for FuseNet

On February 8th – 9th the Kick-Off meeting for the new project ANNETTE (Advanced Networking for Nuclear Education, Training and Transfer of Expertise) was held in Pisa. Receiving funding from the EURATOM Research and Training program under grant agreement N° 661910, the duration of this project is 4 years, while 25 partners (universities, research centers, industry) are involved.

FuseNet is one of the organisations that will be active in part of the project. The participation was realised through close collaboration with our partner organisation and coordinator of the project, the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN).

Photo taken during the Kick-Off meeting in Pisa. ©ENEN

Coordinating nuclear education and training in Europe

ANNETTE aims at enhancing the Europe-wide efforts initiated in the past decades by different organizations belonging to academia, research centers and industry to maintain and develop education and training in the different nuclear (fission) areas, i.e. nuclear safety/engineering, radiation protection, waste management and geological disposal. The main aim of the project is to consolidate and better exploit the achievements already reached in the past and to tackle the present challenges in preparing the European workforce in the different nuclear areas, with special attention to continuous professional development, life-long learning and cross border mobility.

Nuclearization of fusion

One important part of the ANNETTE project focuses on fusion, namely its near transition to a nuclear technology. The main objective of the related work package is to facilitate adaptation of existing education and training curricula to or the development of new curricula for the specific nuclear related competence needs of the work force in design, construction and operation of fusion facilities (e.g. JET, ITER, DEMO).

This work package is executed by the FuseNet association, with support as linked third parties by its members Eindhoven University of Technology, Ghent University, and Schoenfelder.Training. The latter represents industry, with further links to nuclear (fission) education and training organizations.

Sketch of the ANNETTE Project.