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Alexandru Ioan Cuza University


Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (UAIC) is a Romanian national university that provides high education and training in human, social and exact sciences. Also, the UAIC supports national and international cooperative research in various scientific fields including physics, chemistry, and biology. The Physics Department within UAIC has substantial didactical and research experience in plasma physics as plasma diagnostics and technological applications. The department is involved in fusion research in the frame of EURATOM/MEdC (Romanian Ministry of Education and Research) Association activity. UAIC is interested in continuation and expanding its experience in plasma physics research and education by promoting highly interdisciplinary master and doctoral programs in plasma physics and plasma applications for material processing and fusion technology


The research within Plasma Physics Laboratory of UAIC is focused on plasma diagnostics, plasma assisted depositions (PECVD, PVD) and plasma-surface interaction. The main plasma diagnostic methods used in laboratory are based on electrical probes, emission spectroscopy and laser radiation interaction with plasma (laser absorption and laser induced fluorescence). These methods are used for diagnosis of various cold plasmas (low pressure magnetron discharge, thermoionic vacuum arc, atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge, laser ablation plasma, etc) and the hot plasmas in Pilot-PSI (Netherlands) and Tokamak (COMPASS in Prague). The goals of hot plasma diagnosis experiments are: i) to improve the methods for diagnosis of hot and strongly magnetized plasma: ii) to investigate the interaction of hot and strongly magnetized plasma with solid surfaces.

Contact Information:
Lucel Sirghi
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Department of Physics Plasma Laboratory blvd. Carol I, 11, Iasi 700606 Romania