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University of York


The Department of Physics at the University of York is driven by excellence in both research and teaching. We have particular research expertise in the areas of Condensed Matter Theory, Plasma Physics and Fusion, Nanophysics, and Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics, and our research is strongly supported by our graduate student programmes.


The University of York Plasma Physics and Fusion group is engaged in research related to laser-produced plasmas and fusion energy. Our fusion energy research focuses mainly on magnetic confinement fusion (MCF), especially plasma physics issues of relevance to ITER. We also study inertial confinement fusion (ICF) concepts such as the exciting, new advances being made in fast ignition. Lasers are used to simulate the conditions in astrophysical and solar plasmas. Thus we create scaled-down supernova plasmas and astrophysical jets to improve our understanding of these fascinating phenomena. In addition, we measure opacities in plasmas of relevance to the Sun.

Contact Information:
Kieran Gibson
Department of Physics University of York Heslington York, UK YO10 5DD