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  • Motojima receives Honorary Degree

Motojima receives Honorary Degree

ITER Director-General Osamu Motojima, received the honorary doctorate degree from Ghent University, one of the FUSENET members.

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At the faculty of Engineering and Architecture, prof. Osamu Motojima was presented the honorary degree out of the hands of Guido van Oost, head of the university's fusion branch. The laudation was given in Flemish, and summarized the impressive professional career of prof. Motojima: how he led the Large Helical Device program in Japan, up till the current state of the ITER project.

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One of the quotes phrased by Prof. van Oost stated:

"Motojima said: ‘Simplify everything and every process’ and repeated this maxim to his team. Under his strong leadership the ITER Organization was transformed into a simpler structure, based on task forces, facilitating a faster decision-making process." ... "While most experts were of the opinion that the tragedy [earthquake in Japan, March 2011] would delay the [ITER] project by at least 3 years, but intense efforts on both sides helped keep the planning schedule within the boundaries of the Roadmap."

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"Your determination has put the ITER train back on track. The torch that was lit thirty years ago by the first generation of fusion scientists is in good hands. By bringing a sun to Cadarache, you are working to shape a better future for our children and grandchildren, and for many generations to come."

Prof. Motojima also accepted to be a member of the steering committee of the Doctoral College, part of the Erasmus Mundus Interuniversity training program.