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  • New Fusion Technology textbook in preparation

New Fusion Technology textbook in preparation


A new top quality master-level textbook on fusion technology is being written in a collaboration of several FuseNet partners, coordinated by prof. Guido van Oost with support of FuseNet. The new book is being prepared, based on a detailed plan established by an Editorial Board and expected to become available in 2014.

Given the fast evolution in the broad field of fusion technology in view of ITER and DEMO, the fusion education community could use such textbook which will be suitable as lecture material and will be disseminated on large scale via IAEA.


We are glad to announce here the provisional tabel of contents and the authors:

Fusion Technology

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    (short chapter explaining how a fusion reactor works, thereby introducing the subsequent chapters)
    Guido Van Oost (UGent)
  • Chapter 2: Plasma Heating & Current Drive Technology
    Julien Hillairet (CEA, IRFM) and Jean-Marie Noterdaeme (MPI Garching)
  • Chapter 3: Plasma Diagnostics
    (will focus on apparatus & technology)
    Tony Donné (DIFFER/FOM) et al.
  • Chapter 4: Plasma Control
    Marco de Baar (DIFFER, TU/e) with contributions from Marco Ariola & Alfredo Pironti (Uni Napoli)
  • Chapter 5: Magnetic Confinement
    Jean-Luc Duchateau (CEA, IRFM)
  • Chapter 6: Plasma Facing Components
    Lorenzo Boccaccini (KIT)
  • Chapter 7: Fusion Neutronics
    Ulrich Fischer (KIT)
  • Chapter 8: Fusion Materials
    Anton Möslang (KIT) and Michael Rieth (KIT)
  • Chapter 9: Vacuum pumping and fueling 
    Christian Day (KIT), supported by Martin Valovic (CCFE)
  • Chapter 10: Tritium handling and tritium plant
    Beate Bornschein (KIT)
  • Chapter 11: Safety Analysis and Environment
    Vincent Massaut (SCK•CEN);
    Contributions foreseen by Neill Taylor (ITER-IO), Christian Grisolia (CEA, IRFM), Tonio Pinna (ENEA), Luigi Di Pace (ENEA), Werner Gulden (ex-F4E), Beate Bornschein (KIT).
  • Chapter 12: Remote Handling and Maintenance
    Yvan Measson (CEA, DRT)
  • Chapter 13: Operating and planned facilities
    Andreas Dinklage (MPI Greifswald)