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Homemade cross section plotter for nuclear data

I have been tinkering with nuclear data and created a little website.

The aim was to make plotting nuclear data much easier than existing solutions and hopefully more accessable to a wide audience.

Cross sections from different evaluations ((JENL, TENDL, JEFF, ENDF, CENDL, EAF, JENDL) can be plotted alongside experimental results from EXFOR

I have attached an plot showing a few reactions important for tritium production and neutron multiplication in solid breeder blankets.

Hope the website is useful


Dear Jonathan, I am getting an error when going to the website of your cross section plotter: Thanks, Mark.
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Hi Mark. Sorry to hear that and sorry for the slow reply. I do take it down for maintenance from time to time. But let me know what the error is and I shall try to fix it. Thanks