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  • An ending and a beginning
York Plasma Institute
University of York, United Kingdom
Submitted by Valentin Aslanyan on 30 May 2016

After many months of work, I managed finally to hand in, defend and correct my PhD thesis. Writing up was a tough slog and I’ve given up counting the number of commas I’ve had to put in or take out of the final work. After finishing the write-up in February, I made one final trip to Colorado to get everything ready for the next PhD students and postdoc who will work on this project (taking up the position at York instead of me). In some ways my PhD work is still not finished, because I still have several journal articles under review, which will require corrections before being published. After 18 years, my life in education is over, but learning never stops.


Since coming back from the US, I have directed my energies towards the Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmode Antenna Upgrade project on the JET tokamak. I am currently doing a postdoc with MIT,  alongside an international team working on both the nuts-and-bolts of this diagnostic and modelling Alfvén waves.


I’m glad to join JET during these exciting times for magnetic fusion, with an upcoming tritium campaign and great progress being made in the construction of ITER.