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Physics and Technology of Magnetic Fusion


  • Choice of the magnetic configuration: trajectories, compensation of curvature drift.
  • Realization of a magnetic configuration: magnetic coils (superconductivity, field and critical current density, mechanical stresses)
  • MHD Equilibrium and stability: magnetic balance and main instabilities, operational domain, real-time control of the magnetic configuration and of instabilities.
  • Confinement in a torus: neoclassical transport, turbulent transport, radiative losses, dimensionless scaling laws.
  • Heating and generation of current(physics): wave propagation, resonant interaction wave-particle, neutral particles beams.
  • Heating and current generation (technology): principle of operation of antennas, antenna-plasma coupling, principle of operation of a neutral beam injector.
  • Control of particle and heat: the principle of a divertor, radiation, radiative transport, recycling, power deposition on the first wall. Transport of impurities, ashes, hydrogen / deuterium.
  • Extraction of power and particle design elements first wall pumping.
  • Irradiated Materials: breeding blanket, cooling and radiation, choice of materials, performance of a reactor.
  • Introduction to the main diagnostics: spectroscopic techniques, electromagnetic diagnostics, radiation of impurities, laser, radiation continuum.
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Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France