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Ahmed Abdelhameed & Aleksandra Dembkowska - Kudowa Summer School

Kudowa Summer School - Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland
Report by Ahmed Abdelhameed. Powered by FuseNet

Great thanks to FuseNet for supporting me to attend the 13th Kudowa Summer School in Poland on a topic of my field of interest: "Power exhaust in fusion plasmas". The summer school itself was very organized and focused on how to extract the energy from the fusion plasma through the plasma facing components and how important that is. The school also addressed the extreme conditions inside a fusion reactor and recent developments on material research, which aim to make sure that these materials can handle such extreme conditions. It has become clear to me that in order to develop the optimal fusion reactor design for use in future power plants, we should exactly know how to inject its fuel and how to extract the energy. Every part of the big fusion reactor has its purpose and every single contribution is crucial.

Even though the lectures were very serious and scientific, they were also very interesting and fun. The atmosphere has been very comfortable and relaxed. The speakers joined us during the entire day, including during the lunch, dinner and the necessary coffee breaks, which made for some very interesting conversations. We also had a big dinner for the opening ceremony and we also went for an excursion to Poland's biggest gold mine, followed by a traditional Polish dinner.

All in all, I was very lucky that I got the opportunity to go to this summer school. It was great to meet some of the best minds in the field and to learn from them. The summer school has also been a good push for me through my near-future career, especially since it has helped me to decide on a topic for my Master's thesis. I can't be more grateful for being accorded such support. So, thanks again to the FuseNet organization and to all who have made this summer school the way it was!

Kudowa Summer School - Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland
Report by Aleksandra Dembkowska. Powered by FuseNet

I am currently in the final year of my Master's degree on Mechanical Engineering at the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland, and I am doing my thesis on a topic related to superconducting magnets for fusion technology. As such, I was glad to have the possibility to attend the Kudowa Summer School. It was great to expand my knowledge about plasma physics and to get to know the basic problems associated with power exhaust in fusion reactors.

The summer school took place in Kudowa - Zdrój, a small resort city at the Polish - Czech border, having a tradition of spa and sanatorium. The school was well organized by the Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion, Warsaw. During my stay in Kudowa, I really enjoyed the international environment and meeting a lot of very kind, young scientists from all over the world, who are focussed on all sorts of different fusion research projects.

As part of the summer school, we had some very interesting lectures every day and in the afternoon every student could present their own research activities in a short talk. The main topics of the lectures were: basic edge-plasma transport, edge-plasma modelling and plasma-wall interactions, as well as related diagnostics. To get some rest after the lectures, we visited the Museum and Gold Mine in Złoty Stok on Wednesday, as well as we the very interesting Park of Medieval Technology, where we were shown around by a funny guide. After the excursions all participants attended the banquet, which took place in a really nice agrotroustic area.

I would like to thank FuseNet for their financial support, making this summer school possible for me.

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